Amplify Web Development Supports AIA’s Entrance into an Emerging Market

The Automated Imaging Association (AIA) serves the vision and machine vision markets, advancing the global understanding and implementation of these technologies to help their members grow. Embedded vision technology is an emerging market in this space with incredible growth potential. AIA wanted to establish their presence in the early stages of this market’s expansion.

“We’ve worked with AIA and their sister organizations for nearly 10 years now,” said Joe DeMicco, Founder and CEO of Amplify. “They’ve always been a forward-thinking organization, so when they explained their desire to capitalize on this emerging market, we knew this project was about much more than a couple of new web pages. We needed to sit down together and determine the broader business goals at hand.”

Stemming from this meeting, Amplify was tasked with developing a whole microsite dedicated to embedded vision technology. This microsite simultaneously represented AIA’s entrance into the market and served as its primary tool for growing within this sector. The microsite programmatically pulled in news, videos, webinars, articles and other content from AIA’s main site. It was a conversion-centric design, built to be educational for potential members in the embedded vision market while also demonstrating AIA’s authority in the vision industry.

“The microsite is the foundation for embedded vision marketing and sales efforts,” said DeMicco. “It’s a highly specific, relevant destination for ads, social media and outside content to send potential members to. The microsite can be marketed through paid and organic channels. It was designed to accommodate the continuous growth of content and visitors. We even left a space for AIA to promote their own vision industry trade show where they’ll have a booth dedicated to embedded vision. This web development project was, in many different ways, a calculated effort to support AIA’s mission to grow in this emerging market.”

You can view AIA’s embedded vision section here:

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