Email Marketing

12 Expert Email Marketing Tips for 2022

Marketing tools provide ways for businesses to reach their current clients and future customers. One marketing tool that’s essential, especially for B2B businesses, is email marketing. This type of online marketing reaches people via their email addresses and is a way to advertise current products and services.  It’s vital to keep up with the latest […]

Apple’s New Email Privacy Protections: What Marketers Need to Know

As a marketing professional, you have to keep up with the latest policies companies follow if they affect your marketing strategies. Since companies often change their policies, it’s good to follow the latest developments so your marketing strategies are successful. Apple is one company that recently put new email privacy protections in place which is […]

8 Things You Must Check Before Sending an Email

According to Harvard Business Review, professionals receive about 120 new emails each day. That represents a huge number of opportunities for an email mishap to cause grief. Risks of Not Double Checking Before Hitting “Send” We have all sent an email that, in hindsight, we perhaps shouldn’t have. Most “problem emails” aren’t blow-up confrontations, of […]