New HTML Templates for Higher Engagement

ShiftCentral, a market and competitive intelligence firm, needed to improve the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns when they contacted AIMG for assistance in growing their online business.

Before working with AIMG, their emails were plain, not branded and largely ineffective in terms of acquiring new customers through email marketing. They knew it was the emails themselves that were mostly at fault, due to average open rates but extremely low conversion rates.

AIMG went to work designing a much improved, custom HTML template to be used for email marketing communications. The template was aesthetically pleasing from a design perspective, but also matched the branding of the rest of their marketing material, making their brand easier to remember.

The HTML template also facilitated standard best practices in design and email marketing. It allowed for easier to digest content, email personalization, as well as large call to actions to entice higher conversion rates and ultimately more customers acquired via emails, which is historically one of the highest ROI activities in any marketing department.

AIMG’s HTML design template was built so that it could be integrated into ShiftCentral’s existing systems for managing email marketing so they could write copy, make design tweaks and send emails as often as they wish.

ShiftCentral ended up with far more effective email marketing campaigns, leading to higher investments in email. The design templates created a more personal and more convincing experience for readers, which directly led to significantly improved conversion rates, and ultimately improved ROI on marketing initiatives.

AIMG is a full service integrated web design and marketing firm, helping clients reach their business goals through strategic planning and quantifiable marketing initiatives.