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Google vs. Bing: Who Wins in the Long Run?

Technology changes fast, so nothing’s for sure in the search engine market. But, despite Google’s overwhelming dominance, the battle for search market share may get very interesting in the near future as Microsoft steps up their game.

Measuring AdWords Success

Google AdWords is a powerful way to drive immediate traffic to your offers. Done correctly, AdWords can act as the cornerstone of your advertising strategy, greatly amplifying ROI from other marketing efforts. As with anything in digital marketing, however, it’s important to have measurable goals. If you don’t capture and analyze data throughout your campaign, you won’t be able to optimize your efforts. That can mean wasted mone

Remarketing on AdWords

One of the most dreaded phenomena in digital marketing is bounce. Bounce happens when a user exits your site seconds after entering, failing to engage in any way. Until recently, bounce was the end – there was no effective way to get a second chance. With the growth of remarketing, things have changed.

AdWords for Beginners

Google AdWords is one of the biggest digital advertising platforms – large retailers spend up to $50 million annually on it. Google earned $100 million daily on AdWords in 2012. Getting onto this immense platform is intimidating. Many business owners get burned by Google AdWords vouchers – giving the platform a “risk-free” spin only to end up hemorrhaging money.

The Demographics of Social Media Platforms

In the U.S., social media is widely used – 65% of adults use it, a rise of 7% since 2005. Young people are even more active: 95% of teens aged 12-17 are online, and 81% of teens use social media. These trends may well mean Web users of all ages will participate in social media throughout their lives.

Google Gets Rid of Right Hand Side Ads

The search world has been rocked by a dramatic transformation in a long-standing part of Google results pages. From now on, paid advertisements appear only at the top and bottom of results – never on the right-hand side, as they have for years.

How Google Became the Most Popular Search Engine

Google is the world’s largest search engine, processing more than 1.2 trillion searches annually. Yet, even this technology titan came from relatively humble beginnings. It all begins with the company’s founders, Larry Page and Sergei Brin, who met while studying computer science at Stanford University. Their research interest, of course, was Web search.

Google Penalties: How They Can Affect Your Search Rankings

What are Google penalties and what do they mean for your business? A Google penalty can be a serious problem – but what makes it worse is all the misinformation about it you can find on the Web. If your site is penalized, you need real answers to get to the root of the problem so your search engine rankings can recover over time.

How RankBrain Effects Google Search Results

RankBrain reaffirms Google’s commitment to engaging content that serves the needs of buyers. While it’s impossible to predict exactly what the full impact of RankBrain will be, there are three core principles that B2B firms can rely on in this time of change.

Don’t Forget About Google Plus! – Why Your Company Needs A Google+ Page

Does your business have a page on Google+? Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Google+ might seem like the “dark horse” of social media. About 300 million people actively used Google+ in 2013, compared to 1.19 billion on Facebook in the same period. Only about 13% of small businesses surveyed use it, compared to 41% on Facebook. This presents an opportunity for your company to gain a competitive advantage, and reap the many benefits