Getting Started With AdWords Editor

For those who want to quickly and easily access all the features AdWords offers, there’s an alternative to the Web interface: AdWords Editor. Now on its 11th release build, AdWords Editor has been marketed as a solution for power users managing multiple campaigns. It’s a free, standalone application that provides robust AdWords capabilities even without an active Internet connection.

What is an AdWords Quality Score?

One of the biggest keys to AdWords success is Quality Score. Quality Score is a rating of how well the experience associated with your ads meets the expectations and needs of your Web visitors. It's expressed on a scale from 1-10. When Quality Score is high, it helps you save money by reducing the costs associated with better ad positions.

Measuring AdWords Success

Google AdWords is a powerful way to drive immediate traffic to your offers. Done correctly, AdWords can act as the cornerstone of your advertising strategy, greatly amplifying ROI from other marketing efforts. As with anything in digital marketing, however, it’s important to have measurable goals. If you don’t capture and analyze data throughout your campaign, you won’t be able to optimize your efforts. That can mean wasted mone

Remarketing on AdWords

One of the most dreaded phenomena in digital marketing is bounce. Bounce happens when a user exits your site seconds after entering, failing to engage in any way. Until recently, bounce was the end – there was no effective way to get a second chance. With the growth of remarketing, things have changed.

Google Ad Grants

Everyone who's started an e-commerce business or launched a Google AdWords account is probably familiar with those vouchers for $100 in free ads Google sends addressed to the Head of Marketing. It’s so easy to get started ... and just as easy to lose money!

AdWords – Ad Extensions Overview

AdWords is the top pay-per-click advertising platform, generating tens of billions in revenue. With more than a million advertisers, and top keywords going for $40 or more per click, it might seem like businesses don’t need any further incentive to get on board. But AdWords is evolving ... and providing fresh opportunities in the process. Ad extensions are specialized ad formats that provide additional information to users.

An Introduction to Keyword Planner

What’s the first step to implementing a strong Web strategy for your business? The answer is keyword research. The keywords your prospects use when searching online give you amazing insights into what they’re thinking – and how you can help them.

An Overview of AdWords Campaign Types

With the right approach, AdWords can be a lead generation engine for your business. One of the most important places to optimize your approach is in your selection of ad campaign. Currently, AdWords has five campaign types...

Preparing for the Future of AdWords

Google’s AdWords platform is one of the largest advertising networks in the world, yielding about 97% of the company’s total revenues. Businesses of all sizes participate, with annual budgets that vary from $10,000 to tens of millions for the largest retail players. Any change in AdWords is bound to make a big impact on the online ecosystem.

AdWords for Beginners

Google AdWords is one of the biggest digital advertising platforms – large retailers spend up to $50 million annually on it. Google earned $100 million daily on AdWords in 2012. Getting onto this immense platform is intimidating. Many business owners get burned by Google AdWords vouchers – giving the platform a “risk-free” spin only to end up hemorrhaging money.

Google Gets Rid of Right Hand Side Ads

The search world has been rocked by a dramatic transformation in a long-standing part of Google results pages. From now on, paid advertisements appear only at the top and bottom of results – never on the right-hand side, as they have for years.

Targeting Your PPC Campaign

Let’s face it: Most people know only enough about per-pay-click advertising to lose money. Pay-per-click – also known as PPC – is the fastest way to drive traffic to your site, but only when done with an expert touch.