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10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Now

Social media is an indispensable part of an online marketing strategy. For all the great things it can do, however, there are also some drawbacks: Mainly, there are so many ways to do the wrong thing! Avoid making these common mistakes.

Important Daily Social Media Tasks You Might be Overlooking

For great results from social media, it’s important to participate every day. What does that really mean? If you’re posting daily, you’re on the right track – but that’s only the start. There are many tasks you should take care of each day.

4 Common Social Media Marketing Myths Busted

Yes, social media marketing can be powerful and cost-effective. The best results, however, demand you come to it with clear-eyed realism. There are some common ideas about social media that are simply false.

Hosting a Successful Social Media Contest

Holding a contest over social media is a great way to get people to engage with your brand. If you have a strong list of followers, there’s nothing quite like a contest for motivating them to like and share your posts with friends. If you don't have the following you want, a good contest can get you there.

When to Use Pinned Posts

On most social networks, you have the option to “pin” or “stick” a post. No matter when that post was made, it will appear at the top of your feed when readers visit your profile – along with an eye-catching icon.

Instagram Best Practices

Instagram is one of the most exciting marketing opportunities on the Web. Most of its users are in the coveted 18-34 demographic – the most active participants are young, urban women. Over time, more men and mature users are also discovering Instagram. Its fast-paced, visual platform is exciting, enjoyable, and creative no matter your background.

Facebook Canvas Ads

Since Facebook went public, it’s been hard at work finding exciting new ways for you to invest your advertising budget. One new advertising experience Facebook has designed is Canvas Ads, which went live for all advertisers in February 2016. Canvas Ads are immersive, highly visual ads especially designed for the way people interact online through mobile devices.

How To Build a Twitter Community

Over the last decade, Twitter has been part of some of the most important events around the world – and it should be part of your business. Twitter consistently ranks as second-largest social media network worldwide. It can help you cultivate your customers into highly engaged brand advocates ... if you use it wisely!

Don’t Be Afraid of Social Media!

Social media is a huge part of the digital marketing landscape, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Yet, many enterprises let social media slide thanks to what they perceive as unacceptable risks of social engagement. These companies may have accounts on Twitter or Facebook, but rarely update them. To “protect” their brand, they avoid joining the social conversation and driving real engagement.

Incorporating Videos into Your Social Media Campaigns

Video marketing is becoming more important by the day. In fact, video has been touted among the top 5 B2B tactics of 2015. One of the biggest complaints about video, its cost, has fallen by the wayside as YouTube – now the #2 search engine worldwide – absorbs bandwidth fees and other technology overhead.