Is Live Streaming Right For Your B2B Marketing?

Live streaming is changing the way businesses interact with customers. With more streaming options than ever, it’s never been easier to connect with your audience on a truly human level. With the right approach, you can fit streaming into virtually any campaign in your B2B marketing strategy.

5 Content Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Now

Content marketing has important functions for any business. It helps you establish brand identity and awareness. It provides helpful information to prospects, building stronger relationships with them. But to be truly great, content needs to focus on the reader’s needs at the moment that content will be consumed.

How to Get More Results From Content Marketing

Digital marketers are creating more content than ever before. But is that content generating more results? In many cases, the answer is no! Luckily, there are ways to make sure content remains valuable and effective:

Changing Social Media Trends

Social media has major players that already seem as if they’ve been around forever and aren’t going anywhere: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to name just a few. But, even with these familiar faces, social also benefits from a huge amount of fast-paced innovation. The social media scene of 2016 was very different from 2015, and 2017 will make its own mark.

How to Develop Brand Awareness Effectively

Brand awareness, as the name suggests, is the extent to which a person is familiar with your brand and what you do. A high degree of brand awareness helps encourage business, because those who “might” need your services someday will know where to look when they do. It’s important to use a variety of techniques to promote brand awareness.

Benefits of Working With a Marketing Agency

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s a good idea to be knowledgeable about the basics. For many businesses that want to get a running start, however, working with a marketing agency is the best bet for prompt ROI. Gone are the day when marketing agencies only worked with top global brands. Almost any enterprise can find an agency willing to work with its budget and needs.

Using Color in Marketing Campaigns

The human brain is attuned to visual signals in the environment, and processes points of interest with incredible speed. One of the first things noticed about any object is color – every shade and hue can communicate a message. It’s not surprising, then, that color is so potent in marketing.

What is Integrated Marketing?

As brands incorporate innovative digital elements into their strategies, integrated marketing becomes more important. What is integrated marketing? While everyone seems to have a definition, it’s easiest to think of it this way: Integrated marketing synthesizes all digital and traditional marketing channels to ensure brand consistency across every customer interaction.

Content Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

As the manufacturing sector gets more diverse and prospects take longer to choose the right solutions, more brands are turning to inbound marketing to secure leads and reach sales goals.

Creating a Buyer Persona

When developing your marketing – particularly when it comes to digital campaigns – knowing your customers is essential. While understanding them is an ongoing learning process, centralizing and operationalizing that knowledge is the key to progress. A buyer persona is the tool that allows you to apply knowledge about your customers in your campaigns.

Pinterest Marketing 101

44% of women online in the United States use Pinterest, a visually-oriented social site launched back in 2010. With over 47 million users, it’s an intriguing predictor of shopping behavior: Women tend to use it as a wishlist, while men see it as more of a shopping cart, a study found. If connecting with millions of purchase-ready users sounds enticing, you’re not alone!

Digital Marketing Terms You Should Know

The world of digital marketing is intricate, and it’s not always easy to keep up with the jargon if you’re not in the industry. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by modern marketing and internet terms, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Here are some basic digital marketing terms you should know when looking to boost your brand’s online presence.