Facebook Conversion Ads

As digital marketing has become more complex, data has grown into an important part of success. No matter what platforms you use to get your message out, it’s critical that you know what kind of results you’re getting – and where you can improve. When it comes to pay-per-click advertising, Google led the way by providing deep insight into website conversions and other metrics through its Google Analytics suite. Now, Facebook is

Getting Started With Facebook Live

Facebook is continuing to push the envelope with Facebook Live, which empowers users with robust live streaming capabilities. Businesses are using it to build stronger rapport and deeper relationships, leveraging the power of short video to capture the attention of mobile users. Following a long-term, limited preview, Facebook Live is now available to everyone.

The Demographics of Social Media Platforms

In the U.S., social media is widely used – 65% of adults use it, a rise of 7% since 2005. Young people are even more active: 95% of teens aged 12-17 are online, and 81% of teens use social media. These trends may well mean Web users of all ages will participate in social media throughout their lives.

New Year’s Social Media Resolutions

If you're disappointed with your social media results so far and you feel like there's something you're missing, then it's time for a fresh start. Let’s look at some New Year’s social media resolutions that can make a real difference. Take these five simple steps and your social media can start working harder for you in 2016!

Using Facebook Insights to Improve Your Social Strategy

Is your business using Facebook Insights to maximize social reach and engagement? Insights is an analytics tool that provides detailed information you can use to discover which content is getting the most attention from your users.

Building Your Brand With Facebook

An active Facebook page gives prospects and devoted supporters a place to get news, information, and bargains. Coupled with a strategic vision for content marketing and community management, it provides unparalleled opportunities to meet new clients while cross-selling and upselling existing ones. As with so much of digital marketing, consistent effort is the key to success.