Understanding Predictive B2B Marketing Analytics

Understanding Predictive B2B Marketing Analytics

Predictive analytics in the B2B sector go beyond past and present data analysis and offer likely predictions of future trends. Using machine learning and AI techniques, B2B marketers can take lead generation to new heights with predictive analytics.
B2B Mobile Marketing Needs to be Prioritized

Why B2B Mobile Marketing Needs to be a High Priority Now

B2B mobile marketing needs to be a high priority in any marketing strategy today. After two major algorithm updates this year, Google has prioritized mobile search. Additionally, the B2B audience is changing as millennials become more influential. Learn why B2B mobile marketing has grown drastically in importance in the past year.
The Benefits of Google Tag Manager

The Benefits of Using Google Tag Manager On Your Website

Google Tag Manager (GTM) simplifies the process of managing and tracking third-party services on your website, saving time and money on development resources. See how using GTM on your website can benefit you.
Content Marketing

4 Ways to Measure the ROI of Content Marketing

It can be difficult to attribute revenue to individual pieces of content, but it’s still important to understand ROI to justify content marketing spend.

AIMG Rebrands as Amplify Industrial Marketing & Guidance in 2018

For the past 25 years, AIMG has provided integrated B2B marketing services in the industrial sector. Now, as a result of long-standing client growth and expansion into new markets, AIMG has rebranded as Amplify Industrial Marketing & Guidance.