Digital Accessibility

Navigating Digital Accessibility in the B2B Sector in 2024 and Beyond

Digital Accessibility and Compliance in B2B and Industrial Sectors The B2B sector has experienced a profound transformation, particularly noticeable post-2020. The disruptions caused by the pandemic have necessitated a swift transition to digital platforms. This shift is more than a mere change in tools; it signifies a fundamental evolution in how B2B companies conduct business, […]


How Top B2B Marketers Are Using AI

Artificial intelligence aims to equip machines to make effective decisions based on input from the environment—without having to wait for an operator. Such devices use machine learning, a process in which they gradually become more efficient at analyzing large quantities of specific data. Computers do not learn, think, or plan like human beings: However, they […]


5 Keys to Success When Attending a Virtual Trade Show

Virtual trade shows have become extremely common in today’s post-COVID world. Adapting your skills to a virtual event can be challenging: Technology may not always work as planned, and making an authentic connection over a webcam takes practice. But, virtual events are important because they’ve replaced face-to-face gatherings (for now) and represent all the same […]


5 Ways to Use Emotion Effectively in B2B Marketing

B2B buyers often pride themselves on data-driven decisions. But every purchase has an emotional component, and that definitely includes B2B. Using emotion in B2B is high risk and high reward: You can connect with your audience on a deeper level, but you run the risk of seeming unprofessional if you do it wrong. Here’s how […]


How to Set Your B2B Marketing Budget for 2021

A business’s marketing budget helps it determine whether its outreach is hitting its financial targets. Rigorous budgeting is an effective way to align your marketing organization with your strategy, goals, and expectations. As B2B marketing teams move toward 2021, many prospects are taking a wait-and-see approach to investing in new capabilities. Enterprises catering to this […]

4 Expert Predictions for Email Marketing in 2020 & Beyond

Email marketing builds long-term relationships with leads and customers by sending helpful, informative content on a regular basis, adding value to subscribers’ lives and businesses. Because email marketing is scalable and inexpensive, B2B, and B2C firms both use it with great success. But in the past, it has been misused to pepper subscribers with constant […]

The Top 5 Ways to Generate B2B Leads During a Pandemic

A B2B lead is a decision-maker with the budget, authority, and need to implement your solution within a reasonable timeframe. Leads enter your sales funnel, get qualified, and ideally convert into customers. In the old days, most B2B leads were reached through outbound marketing like cold calling. Now, interruptive techniques are giving way to inbound […]

Should Your B2B Website Have a Chatbot?

What is a Chatbot? A chatbot is a software that provides customer service by simulating conversation. Due to its interactivity, many customers prefer posing questions to a chatbot rather than digging up information on a lengthy webpage. How Does It Work? The simplest command-based chatbots are preprogrammed with answers to specific questions and respond to […]

What Is Remarketing & How Does It Generate Leads

What is Remarketing? Remarketing focuses your valuable marketing dollars on the people most likely to interact with your brand – those who have done so before. Remarketing ads are shown exclusively to people who have visited your website in the past, whether they clicked on an ad, social media post, or a search result. Remarketing […]

The 9 B2B Marketing KPIs You Need to Start Tracking

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a metric that clarifies the impact of your marketing. By tracking KPIs over time, you know which campaigns are performing well and see the impact of adjustments you make. While it may be enough to follow social media engagement, website hits, and conversion rates in B2C, B2B enterprises must […]

How to Build Effective B2B Buyer Personas

Any B2B enterprise starts with your knowledge about your prospective customers. You have to know what their needs are and how to serve them. Over time, however, your initial assumptions can fall out of date. If you “lose touch” with decision-makers and their preferences, it becomes harder to align your products, services, and customer care […]

Why Developing Buyer Personas Is So Important

A buyer persona is a representation of one type of buyer of your products. You create personas by listing all of your knowledge and assumptions about a customer: Who they are, where they work, and what their key business problems are. By planning your marketing efforts with one of these personas in mind, you can […]