Project Updates

B2B industrial marketing with quantifiable results. For nearly 25 years, Amplify has helped businesses reach their sales goals with measureable ROI. Check out a small sample of our latest projects!

AIMG Writes Content for Market Intelligence Website

ShiftCentral, a market and competitive intelligence firm, was in need of a new website that would rank well in search engines to drive brand exposure and generate leads. AIMG was brought in to help them reach their business goals.

AIMG Builds Responsive Website for Law Firm Database Company

Leopard Solution was in need of a new website that reflected the functionality and sophistication of the digital services they provided to law firms in order to boost their authority, trustworthiness and ultimately sales. They chose AIMG to help them achieve their business goals.

AIMG Redesigns Website for Nonprofit Charitable Organization

With decades of experience maintaining and expanding their organization, FIRST knew that they needed a redesigned website to maintain their reputation as the leader in charitable work for those affected with ichthyosis.

New HTML Templates for Higher Engagement

ShiftCentral, a market and competitive intelligence firm, needed to improve the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns when they contacted AIMG for assistance in growing their online business.

AIMG Redesigns Website for Consulting Firm

Winston Strategic Partners, a consulting firm focusing specifically on transition communication, needed a website redesign that reflected their brand and values. They called AIMG to help them through this process.

AIMG Designs Website for Global Nonprofit Organization

AIMG recently launched a fully responsive website for the International Eczema Council (IEC) to meet that goal, allowing them to keep medical professionals engaged and informed while continuing to spread awareness of the need for further research.

AIMG Launches New Site for MacDermott Roofing Inc.

AIMG worked closely with MacDermott to develop a website customized to their needs, as well as the needs of their customers, while keeping them on the cutting edge of digital design.